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The Emperor Ling - Amanita Ceasarea

The very young Emperor Ling grows in a white coat eiähnlichem. During growth bursts this coat and it comes out of the bright red hat. This mushroom is delicious and belongs to the group of fungi high quality. The Emperor Ling grows from late June to October in oak and chestnut forests, and in pastures and meadows.


  • fresh Caesar's mushrooms wooden boxes up to 3 kg
  • Caesar's mushrooms frozen cardboard boxes up to 5 kg


The Honey Yellow Honey fungus - Armillaria mellea

The Honey Yellow Honey fungus grows arched and in large groups mainly on hardwoods and sometimes on conifers. This fungus comes out in autumn after rain. It can be dry or sticky and honey colored.


  • fresh honey yellow honey mushrooms wooden boxes up to 3 kg

The Totentromete - craterellus Cornucopoioides

The dead trumpet is also called horn-or dead-Trichterling. The whole mushroom has a height of 5 to 12 cm. Owes its name to the dead trumpet shape which is similar to a horn or a trumpet. It is in most cases to the floor hollow and their color is black and beige. The meat is thin and fiber-rich and has a pleasant taste and odor. The dead trumpet is consumed in combination with risottos and pasta. This fungus grows in mixed forests on moist soil from July to December. It is mainly used in the dry state as an addition to dishes.


  • fresh black trumpet wooden boxes up to 3 kg
  • dried black trumpet cardboard boxes - 5 up to 7 kg

The precious saffron milk cap - Lactarius Deliciosus

The hat of the young precious saffron milk cap is round, sunk in the middle. The flesh is reddish-yellow, like a carrot. The precious saffron milk cap is very tasty. It grows from summer to November in all forests and coniferous bushes.


  • fresh stainless Reizker wooden boxes up to 3 kg
  • Sole plastic drums up to 150 kg

The precious saffron milk cap is appreciated in the art of cooking. He is too aromatic to be eaten alone, so it is best to prepare the precious saffron milk caps along with other fungi.

The pointed-Morel - Morchella Conica

The Morel of the spitz-hat is 5 to 20 cm high. Younger mushrooms are elongated and the top up ever closer formed. The flesh is white and has a mild and pleasant odor. The pointed-Morel grows from March to June. It can be found next to poplars, ash trees and along roadsides and riverbanks. The pointed-Morel is a first-class edible mushroom after thermal processing or drying.


  • Spitz fresh morels wooden boxes up to 3 kg
  • dried morels Spitz cardboard boxes up to 5 kg