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Caesar’s Mushroom- Amanita caesarea

At the juvenile stage Caesar’s mushroom has white veil, which resembles an egg. As it grows, the veil ruptures and the cap of the mushroom appears as bright red.
It's very tasty and it’s one of high-quality mushrooms.
It grows from late June to October in oak and chestnut forests, and also on pastures and meadows. 


  • fresh in wooden crates up to 3kg.
  • Frozen in cardboard boxes up to 5 kg.


Honey fungus- Armillaria mellea 

It grows on the trunks of deciduous trees, occasionally on conifers, in large tufts, and it is convex. 
It occurs in autumn after rain. It can be dry or sticky, the colour of honey.


  • fresh wooden crates 3 kg

Horn of plenty - Craterellus cornucopioides

 Black trumpet.
The whole mushroom is 5-12 cm tall. It is shaped in a form of a horn or a trumpet hence the name. Anyway it’s hollow to the bottom, and its color is brown-black. Its flesh is thin and fibrous, and has a very pleasant taste and smell. It is consumed with risotto and pasta.
It grows in mixed forests on humid soil during the period from July to December. It is mainly used dried for seasoning.


  • fresh in wooden crates - 3kg
  • Dried in cardboard boxes - 5-7kg


Saffron milk cap -Lactarius deliciosus

The cap of the young mushrooms is roundish and depressed in the middle. The flesh is reddish-yellow like the carrots’ flesh. It's very tasty. 
It grows from summer to November in all the woods and bushes of conifers.


  • fresh in a wooden box-3kg.
  • Brine-150-kg plastic barrels

This fungus is greatly appreciated in the international cuisine. If it’s prepared alone it’s too spicy, so it’s better to prepare it with other fungi.

Black morel-Morchella conica

The cap is 5-20 cm tall, young samples are elongated and they are getting narrower to the top. The flesh is white, has a delicate flavour and a pleasant odour. 

It appears from March to June. It can be found near the poplar, ash, along the paths and riverbanks. 
Black morel Morchella conica is a first class fungus only after thermal processing or drying.


  • fresh in wooden crates up to 3kg
  • Dried in cardboard boxes up to 5 kg